»Buxtehude, Rodrigo, Granados.«  Point 1984.

»Catalan Organ- og Guitarmusic« W. prof. B.Johnsson. Point. 1987.







The Guitar works of André Jolivet and Peter Maxwell Davies. Paula. 1990.



 »Für Gitarre«


 Guitarworks og -songs of Axel Borup-Jørgensen. With Karl Petersen, Agnete Christensen and Marianne Lund. Paula 1994.



  Domenico Scarlatti.


  Sonatas for two guitars.  Jan Sommer and Per Dybro. Classico Records 2000




  Dietrich Buxtehude 


   6 Harpsichord Suites transcribed for guitar, CLASSCD 468, Classico Records 2004

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Outline - 6 works by contemporary Danish composers


Works by Vagn Holmboe, Axel Borup-Jørgensen, Erik Højsgaard, Østen Mikal Ore,   Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm and Ib Nørholm. Classico Records 2007 


Gunnar Berg: Melos

Works for recorder and guitars. Bolette Roed, Michael Norman and Per Dybro Sørensen, Dacapo Records, CD 8.226526