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Bolette Roed, recorder

Per Dybro Sørensen, guitar

Michael Norman, guitar


Gunnar Berg, composer



Gunnar Berg (1909-1989) enjoys a unique position among Danish composers. He was part of the international modernist milieu in post-war Europe in the circle around Olivier Messiaen and had inspiring meetings with John Cage, Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Berg’s music has only recently become properly known and recognized in his native Denmark. This CD offers rare experiences of the experiments with 12-tone music and serialism from the 1950s, with the recorder in focus, as well as complex, pulsating guitar music from the last part of his life.

Track listing

Ar-Goat (1984-85)
pour deux guitares
1. 1st movement
2. 2nd movement
3. 3rd movement
(with Michael Norman, guitar)

Triedra (1952)
Flûte (à bec) solo
4. 1st movement
5. 2nd movement
6. 3rd movement

9 Duos (1957/1984)
pour flûte (à bec) et guitare
8. II
9. III
10. IV
11. V
12. VI
13. VII
14. VIII
15. IX

Melos (1979)
für solo Gitarre


Recorded at Boholte Church in February 2008 (Duos), Hørsholm Church in September 2008 (Triedra) and Køge Music School in June and December 2006 (Ar-Goat and Melos)
Recording producer: Viggo Mangor
Sound engineer: Viggo Mangor

Graphic: Denise Burt

Publishers: Edition Svitzer, (Triedra) and Arbejdsgruppe Gunnar Berg,

This CD has been sponsored by KODA's Collective Blank Tape Remuneration and Solistforeningen af 1921